. . . before there was the word, there was THE WORD . . .
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The Inward Journey

Illuminating a Way to Presence 2014  
Illuminating a Way to Presence 2015  
Illuminating a Way to Presence 2016  
Photo Books

  ITD Illuminations Photo Book 1
  Love, A Rose

  Welcome to the world of the rose, of the feminine, of love and of life.
  Illuminating the Macro World of Flowers 1
  Illuminating the Macro World of Flowers 2
  Illuminating the Macro World of Nature
  Illuminating the Bee Here Now

Zen Prose/Poetry

The Sounds of Flowers, The Weight of Air  
The Tether of Touch, The Feel of Free  

Pre 2014

  Some Truths About Living
The first book I wrote, in 1999.
I had approached Namaste Publishing, who put out The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle. I had a meeting with Connie Kelleough set up, got to Vancouer and then it fell through and I ended up knowing that I wasn't ready yet. But, this book and much of it's content being universal in essence, still holds up and can give insight into the presence of someone on the inward journey and honestry trying to express universal truths, but having not quite escaped ego as yet.
- Illuminating the Disconnect
- The Now Te Ching
- Practicing Presence: Living Meditatively in Every Moment
- The Eternal Prince
- The Now Te Ching
- Overcoming Shyness, Naturally
- Shakespeare's Garden . . . of Illumination
- What We Are
- Everything You Need to Know about Enlightenment, and Less
- Sid and I
and many, many more.