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Plant-Based Diet | Intermittent Eating | Self-Healing Strategies

Take it from one who is currently experiencing it.
Optimal health is not just an option, it is your birthright.

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After years of research and adaptation, I have arrived at a point where I live completely free of any unnecessary suffering (for the last 3 years) and know that this is my natural state of being.
There are very definitive steps we can all take to heal the mind, the body and the spirit in balance with one another for a holistic feeling of who you are here to be.

Reducing resistance and improving efficiency is the key in any of these areas.

A plant-based diet or an increase in whole foods, especially plant-based or raw, is one simple and vital step to drastically improving overall health quickly.

Intermittent Eating, which means eating less often than resting from eating (sometimes confusingly called intermittent fasting), greatly reduces the amount of energy the body uses to digest when we are also wanting or needing to do other things. This also frees up the immune system to do what it wants to naturally do: heal you!

Self-healing is possible in all areas, as this is what the mind, body and spirit are often striving for anyways, but without our conscious attention. When we DO put our focus on loving our selves, healing is faster and more thorough.
Examples of conscious self-healing include: Mental Visioning, Self-Massage, Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness.

I have lived a plant-based diet for over 20 years, experiencing ever-increasing health and vitality and have overcome general ailments (severe allergies, digestive problems, fatigue), as well as not experiencing general illness at all for a few years now.
I have worked a very hard, physical labour job for over 20 years, and have no ahces or pains associated with being one of the hardest workers I have known, day in and day out.