. . . you are my teacher, consciousness is our guide . . .

Starting with the very basis of your being, your consciousness, I will engage you to journey inward to find your own answers and take hold of your very being and improve your health, vitality and presence in day to day life.

My goal with spending time together is to allow you to become more aware of who you are, to learn to let go of conditioning that truly does not serve you, to be the aware presence that sees you as you are and as you can choose to be. The 'work' is all up to you, once you become aware of the perspective of the self-conscious mind and how it operates within you. The benefits of raising your level of self-awareness apply to every area of your life, even though you may be struggling with a specific issue initially. Whether you want to improve your emotional health, mental health, physical health and well being or get in touch with your energetic self, the more aware and feeling you become about your self, the easier it will be to allow yourself to be, and to learn and grow. You will be provided a safe space, completely free of judgment, where we can discuss who you truly are, how you want to be and to live.

  If you would like to support me as I move towards writing, speaking, coaching and living with the intent of sharing as my principle way of earning an income, please consider a contribution.
  If you would like to book an appointment to speak together, please contact to arrange a method of contact, a time, and a suggested donation.

I am my own first testimonial and only discuss what I have experience in directly, first-hand knowledge of or access to.
I share freely of my experiences, who and what I am as a human being, at this point in my awareness.
I have saved my own life, literally once or twice, and understand why.

I love this world, this life and where I used to ask, "Who Am I to be this or that.", I now have the knowledge and strength to ask, "Who is society to tell me to be this or that."

I was just so bored and now that feeling seems to be completely gone, even when I am all by myself with nothing to do. I'm not bored anymore. Thank you. Every moment of every day is amazing.
You amaze me, your pure acceptance is one of the greatest I have ever known.


THANK YOU for fucking existing!

Thanks for the day, dude. I can't articulate how much it meant to me brother. You have been an absolute friend who is a valuable asset to help me get by some days. I always reach out to you when I'm feeling down and it always picks me up bro.

Thank you for existing, my friend.

It is huge that you would even care. You are an awesome friend.
Thank you,you have given me a brighter veiw and I really appreciate your time and kindness.


My emotions got the best of me , I needed someone to help me , cause I wasn't thinking straight. Thank you so much.

And thanks for being you. It's been a long time since I felt safe to be myself and not worry about it biting me in the ass later on. The big brother I never had.
You're one of the few people in my life that feel real at a deeper level. Where I can show up in my pjs in tears and still be ok.
Thanks for being there for the big hug today. I really REALLY needed that.


It was so good to talk to you today. I truly needed it.
I really hope it's something you'll eventually do full time.

Steve you are truly an inspiration to me and I am sure to many people, as I slowly (sometimes seems very slowly) start my walk on this path of simplicity I love and enjoy friends such as you.
Love that I met you and love that we are friends.


Thank you so much for your generous offer to work with me, I am so very grateful. This means the world to me. Thank you so much.

Just wanted to tell you something while you're on the line. Thanks for being you, always, you inspire many people including me to express thy self. Truly. I dig your values and your drive to be you.

I don't think you even know how bad I needed that right now. Thank you so much Steve!
That made me cry. Thank you for the kind words. They really meant a lot.

I am happy you reached out to thank you for doing that and understanding. Not judging. Make acceptance happen and let the judging not be.

I appreciate you sharing your experience.

Awww thanks Steve, it is very cool to be appreciated in such a heart felt way. I think you are one of the most awakened that I know.
I hope you will stay on Facebook, you have great posts!


Thank you so much! I am glad we met in dream land. I appreciate your kind recognition. It means more to me than you can know.

Your attitude is awesome. I'm glad you're talking to loved ones and also channeling so much positive energy into your environment. Thanks for getting your thoughts and ideas out there for others to think about!

Your posts and images are so inspiring.
The world desperately needs Steve and all his love.
You're so amazing!

Thanks for reaching out! And thank you for your kind words!
Thank you so much for your support throughout and beyond this ordeal. So much love and respect.


I need more inspirational positive people like you in my life.